Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jenna Spins!

Jenna amazed the Second Sunday crowd with her nack for knitting. She started knitting in March and hasn't stopped yet! Now she's a girl who knows what she likes and naturally she likes handspun yarn. So how does a college student budget for handspun yarn? She learns to spin it herself! Here is Jenna's first skein of handspun yarn. She spun it last night - she's probably knitting it up today! Adrienne thinks Jenna "sprung from the head of the yarn goddess".

Toni's Shawl

If you happened to run in to Toni in the last few months, whether at the Farmer's Market, at work, on a plane, in the Caribbean, at home or at the Meetinghouse, you've probably admired this shawl in progress. She has created quite a buzz as she worked her magic with the needles. Don't you agree it was worth the effort? Beautiful, beautiful!