Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sid's Side of the Story

First of all, I know how My Shepeherd Lady talks about me, always commenting on my intelligence and work ethic. Good thing she ends every sentence with, "...I love him anyway!" So when I heard her going on about our recent visit to the vet, I knew it was time to be heard.........
Of course, I wasn't going to let her put me in that contraption of a trailer all by her scrawny self, and I thought it was kind of cute that she had to call in reinforcements from Jerry's Garage (a well known loafing spot up in town) to help her out. But, it really wasn't necessary for two of those "loafers" to show up grinning like possums. I jumped right in when the proper force was summonsed. (By the way the ride was awesome - I look cool with wind in my hair!)
And sure, I had to run around and sniff every bush and blade of grass around the office. Who could resist the amazing smells? Could I help it if she had trouble keeping up? When My Shepherd Lady tells this, she compares it to Ouiser walking her dogs in "Steel Magnolias". Whatever!
Now for the that Groomer Lady, I was perfectly willing for her to shave off all my handsome hair (don't you know how hot and humid it is around here? ) But a BATH? Good Lord, I live in a barn and I roll in manure! You can be sure I let her know how I felt about that! My Shepherd Lady never once mentionened how mannerly I was when that Vet Guy, poked me with needles and sprayed stinging stuff on my "hot spots".
And, yes, it was humiliating when my sheep chased me down the lower pasture when we came home! Does she have to laugh so hard when she tells it?
Well, I guess that just about sets the story straight.
From now on when My Shepherd Lady tells a tale on me, please check with me before you come to any conclusions!
This is Sid (who loves his Shepherd Lady anyway) signing off........

Monday, June 6, 2011

Martha's Creation

Look at Martha's latest creation! She designed, spun, dyed and knitted this fabulous sweater. It was fun to watch the work in progress - from sketch to sweater!

Martha is Sweet Home Spun's "Dyeing Diva"! She has an amazing talent for natural dyeing. She was able to dye the various shades of this sweater with marigolds. The key to getting the various shades is the mordant. All those years Martha spent in a chemistry lab sure pay off in the dye pot!