Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jenna Spins!

Jenna amazed the Second Sunday crowd with her nack for knitting. She started knitting in March and hasn't stopped yet! Now she's a girl who knows what she likes and naturally she likes handspun yarn. So how does a college student budget for handspun yarn? She learns to spin it herself! Here is Jenna's first skein of handspun yarn. She spun it last night - she's probably knitting it up today! Adrienne thinks Jenna "sprung from the head of the yarn goddess".

Toni's Shawl

If you happened to run in to Toni in the last few months, whether at the Farmer's Market, at work, on a plane, in the Caribbean, at home or at the Meetinghouse, you've probably admired this shawl in progress. She has created quite a buzz as she worked her magic with the needles. Don't you agree it was worth the effort? Beautiful, beautiful!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beautiful Roving

The yearling ewes this year provided a lovely batch of Moorit (brown) fleeces. These bags display the range of color in the Moorits. The "butterfly" of fleece on top came from Archibald, the ram that began Sweet Home Spun's Moorit line.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Trip to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

Sweet Niece Sara spent a couple of weeks helping out on the farm. During her visit, Sara traveled to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers for the carding of the yearling fleeces. She posed here in front of the mill.

Inside the mill the lovely the fleeces were processed first by picking the fiber as you see here. This is Julianna's fleece. Julianna is the daughter of everyone's favorite sheep, Luna.

After the fleeces were picked the fiber was sent through this vintage carding machine and drawn by hand from the drums then carefully hand packed for our spinning pleasure!

It's always a joy to visit Ohio Valley and return with the HHR brimming with roving!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Susan B., a dear and faithful Meetinghouse visitor, just finished this sweater for her son Alex. Alex is leaving this fall for England as a Fulbright Scholar. Susan wanted to send a piece of home with him and Alex had specific ideas about what he wanted! After much planning and a little ripping, Alex has the perfect sweater for his sojourn in England. Susan chose Sweet Home Spun's mill spun yarn from Abraham's Girls as the main color and my dark grey handspun for the contrasting stripes.

Best of luck to Alex and kudos to Susan!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Sunday Session in the Low Dutch Meetinghouse was one of the best ever! A little knitting was worked in despite a table full of tempting goodies - tomato pie, fresh blackberries, potato salad, fresh cucumbers, brownies; to name a few!

Several sweater projects are coming along very nicely. Cindy, Karen, and Cordelia are excited about starting their raglan sleeves! Adrienne is knitting down the back of her cable pullover. Susan just needs weave in the ends on the special sweater she's knitting for the big trip to France.

Martha finished her beautiful handspun, handknit, hand-dyed, lace hoodie. Isn't it beautiful?

Jenna (the newest visitor who everyone loves, by the way) showed off her darling varigated shawl in addition to a sweet little scarf. She's only been knitting since March!

Second Sunday, a special day.