Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Sunday Session in the Low Dutch Meetinghouse was one of the best ever! A little knitting was worked in despite a table full of tempting goodies - tomato pie, fresh blackberries, potato salad, fresh cucumbers, brownies; to name a few!

Several sweater projects are coming along very nicely. Cindy, Karen, and Cordelia are excited about starting their raglan sleeves! Adrienne is knitting down the back of her cable pullover. Susan just needs weave in the ends on the special sweater she's knitting for the big trip to France.

Martha finished her beautiful handspun, handknit, hand-dyed, lace hoodie. Isn't it beautiful?

Jenna (the newest visitor who everyone loves, by the way) showed off her darling varigated shawl in addition to a sweet little scarf. She's only been knitting since March!

Second Sunday, a special day.

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